With years combined experience in the industry, we provide high quality worktops from our fully equipped factory over in Manchester and surrounding regions.

Here at ArtZstone Worktops, we specialise in providing a huge selection of granite and quartz materials for kitchen worktops and bathroom surfaces to complement any design or decor.
With reliable, professional relationships with some of the leading suppliers of granite, quartz, and marble around the world, we have become one of the most respected suppliers of exceptional stone kitchen&counter worktops in Manchester and surrounding regions.

We provide a completely comprehensive service, from the templating and sourcing of your perfect material, to our professional fitting and customer care which ensures the highest quality standards, products and finishes. Combine this with our fast and efficient turnaround times, we always satisfy the demands of our customers.


Silestone  is a man-made stone that comes in a wide range of colours and offers a high degree of colour and pattern consistency across the ranges. It is virtually non-porous and stain and scratch resistant making it an excellent material for worktops


Works of art that have required millennia to finish are now a part of the finest collection in the world.
Cosentino’s experts selected these natural stone paintings one by one to bring them from the other end of the globe to the most elegant, personal and exclusive museum: your home.

Sensa is naturally hard wearing and as it is quarried each piece of stone is different presenting naturally beautiful surfaces with variation. Granite worktops are widely used in many areas of the home and the stone offers timeless appeal.


Quartz countertops are man-made engineered stone countertops formed by combining around 90 percent ground quartz (a natural hard mineral) with eight to 10 percent resins, polymers, and pigments. This forms a very hard granite-like surface. The appearance depends on how the quartz is ground: coarsely ground quartz produces a flecked appearance, while finely ground quartz produces a smooth look.



Marble presents striking colours and beatiful veining creating a luxury feel to a range of spaces within the home.This material is often used as vanity tops, bath surrounds or cladding.We are proud to offer the highest quality Marble for your interiors.